Frequently Asked Questions - Old

ChargeItSpot® saves consumers from their constantly dying phones with free and secure phone charging stations. Each station has eight lockers with a selection of charging cables and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

  • Enter your mobile number and select a security image on ChargeItSpot’s touchscreen interface.
  • Choose an available locker and plug your phone into the appropriate charging cable.
  • Enjoy your visit, knowing that your phone is safely charging.
  • Re-enter your phone number and security image to retrieve your phone.

ChargeItSpots are located throughout the U.S. and Canada. For a full list of locations, visit the Locations section of our website or download the free ChargeItSpot app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

ChargeItSpot is completely free to users. Our mission is to make cell phone charging become as ubiquitous in public places as Wi-Fi.

Absolutely not. Our station simply supplies power to your phone.

ChargeItSpot has developed proprietary OptiCharge™ technology which delivers the maximum amount of power to your phone based on the manufacturer's specifications. This means that you phone will charge just as fast as it would at home (about 1 percent per minute).

ChargeItSpot offers 24/7 live support. If you are not able to retrieve your phone contact 800-453-3833 and a representative will confirm your security information and open the locker door remotely.

A dying phone can cause people to become anxious and distracted, negatively impacting their experience at a store or venue. By providing free mobile phone charging, businesses can increase customer satisfaction by alleviating their low battery anxiety. Independent research has also shown that offering free phone charging to customers leads to increased dwell time, basket size, and conversion rates in retail stores.

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