All Grown Up: The Evolution of the ChargeItSpot Logo


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You may have noticed that ChargeItSpot has a new look. šŸ’ Weā€™ve updated ourĀ logo, rolled out a new website and branding to boot. So what inspired this makeover? ChargeItSpot has grown up and it was time for our branding to grow up too. Weā€™ve gone from a small start-up to an industry leader and now we have a logo that shows off our personality. But before we get too much into the new stuff, we thought it would be fun to look at where we came from.

Logos of ChargeItSpot PastĀ 

Many (or not so many) moons ago ChargeItSpot looked like thisā€¦


Our original logo followed in the footsteps of many great first logos, such as Appleā€™s and Starbucksā€™, telling the customer exactly what the company does. Everything from the image of the phone to the explicit ā€œCharge your phone here.ā€ leaves little doubt in the customerā€™s mind as to what ChargeItSpot is all about (hey, we charge phones!). This strategy was great for an early-stage startup trying to make a name for itself, but our company eventually outgrew this design.

Enter ChargeItSpot Logo 2.0





This is the logo that Iā€™m sure many of you are familiar with. It has graced our charging stations for the past few years and is very near and dear to our hearts. The winner of an online contest (yep, thatā€™s how this one was designed), this logo took the clarity of the previous design and dressed it up with a cooler phone and more subdued color scheme. Logo 2.0 did a great job during the formative years of the company, back when we were just rolling out with our initial batch of clients. Now that we have added dozens of national clients and charged almost 2 million phones itā€™s time for a refreshed image.





ChargeItSpot Today

I submit ChargeItSpot 3.0 2.1


In early iterations of our redesign we kept the original color scheme and image of a phone (except we upgraded from a BlackBerry to an iPhone because we are #hipandcool). The resulting logo was nice, but not a huge step up from what we had before. We were looking for a more dramatic change to reflect our dramatic growth. We had a version 2.1, but not yet the full 3.0.

Introducingā€¦ChargeItSpot Refined





Our new look (shout out to our lead designer Nicole) is simple, sleek, and shows
that we are ready to get down to business. The darker colors represent our maturity and the bolt represents Harry Potter! Just kidding. It has replaced the phone as a more modern, abstract icon for our company (think the Nike swoosh).

As a high-end technology company it is important that our logo reflects our quality and we think this one does the job beautifully. With brands like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Under Armour and events like the GRAMMYs, the Super Bowl, and New York Fashion Week attached to our name we are proud to say that we have a logo that is as sophisticated as our clientele.

We are so excited about our new look and invite you to join us as we continue to grow. Keep an eye on us, there are big things in store for ChargeItSpot!